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All llama rentals come with everything you need for each llama including

Saddle, blanket, panniers, scale, halter, lead rope, stake, stakeout lead, llama feed, 4 gallon buckets with lids, and orange neck bands for llamas.

A minimum of 2 llamas must be rented together. We recommend 3 llamas for Elk hunts. 

We host a required Llama 101 course* before your rental. It's a one time fee where we will walk you side by side through everything you need to know about these awesome animals. We want you to be comfortable and confident taking them so you can enjoy your mountain experience.

Secure your reservation dates and llamas with a
50% non-refundable deposit

Final payment is due at llama pick up

There is no refund for an early return of llamas due to weather, results of hunting trip, illness, camp reservations, or other factors beyond our control.



Fill out this form to inquire about renting llamas from HooDoo Pack Llamas.

How experienced are you with llamas?

Upon receiving your request, we will call you so we can work together to create the best plan for your rental including how many llamas you will need. We will also answer any questions you may have and set up a time for the llama clinic if you have not yet attended one.

Our goal is to help you prepare for an amazing, unforgettable trip with these hard working animals.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon.

​*If you don't receive an email response shortly, please check your spam folder.


Why Llamas?

Llamas are amazing animals that have been historically bred strictly for the use of packing in all sorts of terrain. Their body structure, foot pads, weight distribution, and toes make them ideal for carrying weight confidently through even the toughest of trails without ruining the trails as they go.

Since llamas are a camelid, a hiker with llamas rarely needs to pack in water or much feed for them. They are also much safer with an easy temperament than other packing animals. They don't kick like horses and are not easily spooked. In fact, llamas will alert you to something dangerous or out of place making llamas the perfect mountain companions. 

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